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Intrinsic Dignity Inc.

In Child Evangelism Fellowship, Good News Club on December 8, 2012 at 4:42 am
Child advocacy

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If you care about faith-based harm suffered by children, help Intrinsic Dignity.

Join Intrinsic Dignity, make a contribution to Intrinsic Dignity, or do both.

Intrinsic Dignity is an emerging grassroots organization whose mission is to raise awareness of, mitigate, and prevent harm and cruelty to children that is rooted in misguided religious practices and beliefs. Children have a right to develop in conditions of freedom, open inquiry, and empathy, and in respect of their inherent dignity and equality. Children also have a right to resources that will help equip them to become thriving independent adults.

CEF is targeting Denver's public schools

Denver area school districts

Intrinsic Dignity’s opening project is challenging the severe pedagogy of Child Evangelism Fellowship and its Good News Club.  This is exhibited in the extensive recently launched website Good News Club: A Critique and related awareness-raising efforts.  In the coming months, Intrinsic Dignity will focus its attention on Denver, Colorado, as we prepare to meet Child Evangelism Fellowship’s 2013 “summer blitz” with concerned and coordinated opposition.

As Intrinsic Dignity’s efforts to challenge the shame and fear indoctrination of the Good News Club gain traction, Intrinsic Dignity plans to expand into additional focus areas. These include movements and organizations that promote harsh, punitive, and degrading treatment of children, excessively shelter children from integration with the broader community, and hinder children from becoming independent, educated, and equipped to thrive as adults.