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Guidelines for Drafting a Facility Use Policy

In Child Evangelism Fellowship, Good News Club on May 15, 2013 at 3:28 am

Intrinsic Dignity has released detailed guidelines for drafting a facility use policy to protect elementary public school students from emotional and psychological abuse from outside groups.  The guidelines accompany a comprehensive article that surveys public forum, equal access, and religion clause caselaw relevant to religious clubs and uses in public elementary schools.  Here’s the title of the abstract, entitled “Protecting Public Elementary School Children from Emotional and Psychological Harm By Outside Groups”:

In 2001, the Supreme Court gave the Good News Club equal access to Milford Central School to teach elementary students after-school religious “moral and character” lessons. Today, there are over 4,000 Good News Clubs in America’s public schools, telling 5-12 year-olds that they are sinful from birth, deserve to die and go to Hell, to not become close friends with their non-Christian classmates, and to be afraid of thoughts, beliefs and scientific facts that displease God. Can schools do anything to stop it?

Yes and no. Public schools cannot deny equal access to groups merely because they are religious. But the principle of neutrality works both ways. Religious groups must play by the same rules—including not harming children—as any other group. Schools can—through the careful drafting and application of religiously neutral policies—act to protect the psychological, emotional, and intellectual well-being of their elementary schoolchildren.

To plot the legal authority guiding public school regulation of after-class forums, this article surveys caselaw on public forums, student speech, other special categories of speech, church autonomy, and equal access statutes. This article also provides guidelines for drafting a child-protective facility use policy and proposes a model facility use policy.

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A Model Facilities Use Policy

In Child Evangelism Fellowship, Good News Club on February 22, 2013 at 3:45 am

Intrinsic Dignity is pleased to announce that is has released a Model Facility Use Policy to protect children from harmful outside organizations.  Print out a copy and send it to the your school board members and administrators!