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Good News Club Website

In Child Evangelism Fellowship, Good News Club on August 15, 2012 at 7:54 pm

Today I am excited to announce the website  This website — the product of several months of intensive research and preparation — provides the public, especially parents of public school elementary children, with information about the “dark side” of Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Good News Club.  The introductory page is especially interesting.  Click on any of the five thumbnails to the right of the introductory page to read excerpts of other authors describing their own childhood experiences at the Good News Club.

The “Gospel” section of the website cites dozens of invectives of sin and hell in the Good News Club curriculum, unleashed in a torrential assault of shame and terror on children in an effort to convert them to Christianity.

The “Curriculum” section of the website provides an overview of Good News Club’s entire 5-year curriculum, and will — over time — include summaries of each of the approximately 120 lessons in the curriculum.  24 leson reviews have been completed so far.  Currently, there are completed lesson reviews for each of the 12 lessons in the “Elijah” and “Elisha” series, being taught in U.S. Good News Clubs this fall (Fall 2012), and each of the 12 lessons in the “First Christians” and “David: A Man After God’s Heart” series, being taught in international Good News Clubs this fall.  This will enable parents to read excerpts of the sin-and-shame and turn-or-burn indoctrination systematically incorporated into these Bible stories.

The “History” and “Public School” sections of the website provide interesting historical information about the Good News Club and Child Evangelism Fellowship and its recent rapid transition from private neighborhood homes into public schools.

The “Legal Issues” section of the website is very interesting and very important.  The “Equal Access” page summarizes the Supreme Court’s landmark Good News Club v. Milford decision.  Subsequent pages discuss the definition and applicability of “child abuse” under the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, the definition and applicability of “bullying” under recent anti-bullying legislation and policies, and the relevance of the United Nations’ 1959 Declaration on the Rights of the Child and more recent Convention on the Rights of the Child.  The “Facility Use Policy” page suggests religiously neutral changes that can be made to public school facility use policies to protect children from emotionally and psychologically abusive clubs.  Finally, the “Civil Remedies” section discusses the applicability of the First Amendment’s Free Speech and Religion Clauses to claims for emotional harm or distress arising from Good News Club’s activities.